Religious Discrimination

Protecting Your Religious Rights as a New Jersey, New York & Pennsylvania Employee

In New Jersey and throughout the nation, employers are not permitted to discriminate against employees or job applicants because of their religious affiliation. However, discriminatory practices are still commonplace – if you have been affected, you are not alone. Stereotypes, racism, and blind ignorance cause employers to make harmful employment decisions that are detrimental to your career and the well being of your family. But – you do not have to let them get away with it. Legal help is available.

The Arce Law Group, PC is a New Jersey employment law firm focused on providing hard-hitting legal representation to victims of religious discrimination. Our discrimination attorneys serve clients in Newark, Jersey City, Princeton, and the surrounding areas. We also represent clients in New York City and Pennsylvania.

Workplace Religious Discrimination in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania: the Basics

Various state and federal laws prohibit treating employees or job applicants unfavorably because of their religion, religious beliefs, religious affiliation, morals, ethics, or even for being associated with a person of a certain religion.

Your employer cannot discriminate against you in any aspect of employment, including hiring, firing, promotions, suspension, and raises.

Your supervisor or co-workers are not permitted to harass you due to your religion. This could include making disparaging comments about your beliefs, leaving you out of important meetings, threatening you, or ridiculing you.

The law covers all “traditional,” organized religions, such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, in addition to any closely held religious beliefs. Our New Jersey discrimination attorneys can explain your legal rights in full detail.

Reasonable accommodations for religious observation
What happens if you need to take time off work for Ramadan, Passover, Good Friday, Chinese New Year, or another religious or cultural holiday? Well, your employer does not necessarily have to pay you for taking the time off. However, they are not allowed to retaliate against you, harass, or discriminate against you for refusing to work to observe a religious holiday.

Similarly, if you need to pray regularly throughout the day to observe your religion, or perform any religious ritual, your employer must make reasonable accommodations, as long as those accommodations do not impose “undue hardship” on the employer. For more information, talk to our NJ discrimination lawyers.

NJ, New York, and Pennsylvania laws – religious dress and a dress code
If you need to wear a certain article or clothing or adhere to specific grooming rules as part of your religion, your employer is required to provide “reasonable accommodations” for you to do so.

Examples of Religious Discrimination in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania

Confused? Discrimination can be a very complex area of law because there are so many different ways in which an employer can break the law. And in some cases – they are not actually breaking the law when it seems like they are.

Here are some examples of situations that our New Jersey discrimination attorneys might consider illegal:

  • Refusing to let you wear your yarmulke or Muslim headscarf
  • Passing you up for promotions, while your Christian counterparts who are less qualified are getting promoted
  • Firing you for taking a day off to celebrate Chanukah
  • Requiring you to cut off your Rastafarian dreadlocks
  • Harassing you for being married to a person of the Hindu faith

There are some notable exceptions to the rules – especially for religious institutions who may require a person to be of a certain faith – so talk to a discrimination lawyer in New Jersey to evaluate your specific case.

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